Setup > VPN

Setup > VPN

The use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure way to browse the internet.  A connection to PSMail’s VPN server provides protection from internet borne threats, hijacking attempts, and any attempts from your local network provider to violate your privacy.

Below are setup instructions for PSMail’s MobileVPN, AnyVPN, and PSVPN. NOTE: PSMail authentication is required to look at these instructions. Use your PSMail email address as the username and your PSMail password to access these resources.


PSMobileVPN is a supported solution that can be used with Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone, iPad, kindle, and a variety of other similar devices. A simple install of the VPN app and you will be able to enjoy the protection of secure browsing from your lightweight mobile device.


AnyVPN is the best VPN solution for your laptops, desktops, and other personal computers. The flexible software suite that supports OpenConnect (like Cisco AnyConnect) combines with a robust redundant VPN server infrastructure so you can experience reliable and trustworthy browsing of internet resources. Whether you are a traveling student or an expat business owner, this VPN provides you with convenient and reliable service.


PSVPN is a customized version of OpenVPN. The software and the underlying components provide a VPN service that takes advantage of reliable TLS (Transport Layer Security) and reduces any possibility of man-in-the-middle attacks by using a strong client-server certificate protection. This VPN setup is also compatible with laptop, desktops, personal computers, and some mobile phones. It is less universal and the traditional option for VPN provided by PSMail.