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A PSMail email account comes with several ways to securely access and manage your email from all your devices, all the time, wherever you are. You can use popular email clients like Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird to connect to your mailbox securely.


ActiveSync (Microsoft TM) is a mobile data synchronization protocol designed for lightweight devices. It provides advanced features (like push notification, on-demand synchronization, and timely message exchange) while sycronizing data with handheld devices (like mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, and slate). It is not, however, as widely supported on desktops and laptops. Setup instructions here.


PSMailbox comes with complete support for IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) over secure TLS (Transport Layer Security). PSMail’s IMAP service allows the user access his PSMail messages via multiple devices and multiple email clients (i.e. your PSMail messages would arrive in your Gmail or Yahoo inbox as well as your PSMail inbox). Any action taken in one place will be automatically reflected in all the others. You can retrieve portions of a message, search for a message, collect entire messages, and manage messages in folders. For privacy reasons, you may choose POP3 protocol below. Further information and setup instructions here.

[Note: If you use POP3 with multiple computers you may loose messages]
POP3 protocol is if you would like to collect your messages and then delete them from the server, keeping your entire mailbox with all emails on your local computer. PSMail accounts include support for secure POP3 protocol and will consistently delete the messages that were marked to be removed from the server. (NOTE: Certain providers such as Gmail may still leave a copy of the message on the server to provide users a richer experience.)  Further information and setup instructions here.


Webmail allows you to read incoming email, compose email, and manage your account directly from any computer using an internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). Webmail is integral to PSMail’s customer portal.