Why choose PSMail

Why should you choose PSMail?

In today’s world, many people work, live, and travel globally. This presents important security concerns as they send private communication from a variety of locations and network situations. Are these communications secure? In many instances, communication is not protected by the network provider and is susceptible to prying eyes. That’s where we step in! At PSMail, we give you peace of mind with a secure email service specifically designed for global citizens like you. Our advanced security allows you to communicate securely anytime, anywhere without worry that your information may be compromised or lost.

At PSMail we realize that you have a choice when selecting a secure email and hosting service. We are confident that you will be able to appreciate the PSMail difference.

Features PSMailbox Other Service Providers The Difference
Service cost $40/year for all services $50/year for VPN or
$48/year for Secure email
One price to cover all services.
Total Services included with subscription PSMail–Email
PSCabinet – Cloud storage
Secure Chat
Secure Calendar
Usually either email or VPN as an additional service. PSMailbox provides all these services at no extra cost.
Security and Privacy. Encryption always required. Opportunistic encryption used with external servers Partial encryption; web sessions are not encrypted in some cases Security is the core of our service model and we ensure that all communications are encrypted.
Personal Privacy Your personal data and IP address location are always protected. Many providers sell your personal data for marketing.
Private data is often exposed.
We NEVER sell your information to advertisers or marketing companies; your privacy and security are our top priority.
Service Desk support Committed SLA for service and requests. No clear service agreements or support deadlines. Our Service SLA is 99.99%. A response to requests is guaranteed within 24 hours (average response is 25 minutes).
Advanced Features Minimum encryption is 128-bit for email, web, and VPN. VPN service sold as-is with minimal encryption.
Email encryption for authentication only.
Privacy and security without compromising ease of use.
Mobile VPN (opt in service) PSMail’s Mobile VPN provides clientless simple VPN to mobile devices – android, iPhones, iPads and Windows Mobile. None None