Why PSMail?

Why PSMail?

There are many reasons our subscribers choose us!
But why should YOU choose us?
Take a look….

Our individual, $40 annual subscription includes these features:

Secure Email:

We offer end-to-end encryption for every email, as well as the option to access your account via ActiveSync, IMAP, POP, and webmail. We also offer the option to have your own personal @psmail.net or @yourdomain.com address.

Encrypted Access:

Log in with encrypted secure 2-factor authentication. Forgot your password? Our Customer Service department will send you a randomly generated One Time Password (OTP) that will get you back into your account via SMS or an alternate email address. We don’t know what your OTP is and once you’ve logged in, OTP will not work again.

Extended Privacy:

PSMail does NO on-site advertising and we don’t scan your emails for any purpose, marketing or otherwise.

Integrated VPN:

Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is what really makes us stand out. Typically, most of our competitors offer either secure email or VPN. Our email accounts include access to our VPN at no extra cost. Our VPN provides you secure access to your services from anywhere.

Virtual Identity Aliases:

Add five alias addresses to your account, allowing yourself flexibility and privacy as you correspond with your various circles, not revealing your username or primary email address

Private Cloud Storage:

6GB total storage (any part of the 6GB not used for your email is open to be used for pictures, documents, or whatever else you want!)

Secure Communication:

Use email groups and lists to interact with your community, as well as individual and group secure chat.

Personal Calendar:

Our online personal calendar can safely and securely be shared with colleagues, family and friends.

Customer Service:

Our Helpdesk responds quickly – often in under an hour – to bring answers to your questions and solution to your technical problems.