About us

About PSMail

PSMail began as a favor.
Founded on service
In 2002, after spending two years serving with a non-profit group in Asia, our founder had developed a thorough understanding of expat needs in the area of technology and Internet security. Unfortunately, he had also experienced first-hand the gap between needs and realities: poor IT infrastructure, a lack of resources, and few skilled IT workers left expatriates with few options for protecting themselves and their electronic communications.

As a favor to some expatriate friends, he created a simple, no frills, secure email system for their use. Immediately after its launch, 150 individuals signed up for this much needed service. Word spread and PSMail grew, no longer meeting just the needs of a group of friends and acquainances, but an ever-broadening base of those who had heard of PSMail’s effective service. Suddenly, a favor had turned into a business!

In 2005, PSMail added VPN service, further increasing its appeal and drawing even more customers. It continues to grow as subscribers recommend its simplicity, reliability, and security to those they know. Although the company has changed over the years, adding new services and adapting to new technological advancements, at its heart PSMail continues to focus on the needs of expats and international non-profits.

All of us at PSMail look forward to continuing to meet those needs and invite you to join with those who have already discovered PSMail: a company that began as an act of service and continues that service today.

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