What is Stunnel and how do I use it?

The Stunnel program is an alternate method for using SSL that allows unsupported email clients to connect to our encrypted servers.

Stunnel Installer for PSMail is available hereThis program allows you to run a local encrypting client so unsupported email clients can connect to our encrypted servers.

Run the installer and then set up your email client as follows:

  • Mail Account Type: POP3 / POP Account
  • POP3 Server, Incoming mail server: “mail.psmail.net”
  • Username / Account name: Your PSMail email address
  • SMTP Server / Incoming mail server: localhost or

Advanced Options (please note that the installer program does SSL encryption):

  • POP3 SSL Secure Sockets Layer: DISABLED
  • POP3 over SSL Port Number: 110
  • SMTP Server, Outgoing mail server: “mail.psmail.net”
  • SMTP Authentication: ENABLED/REQUIRED
  • SMTP Authentication method: Password
  • SMTP Authentication Username: Your PSMail address with a – used in place of the @ symbol (ex. username-psmail.net for username@psmail.net)
  • SMTP Authentication Password: Your PSMail password
  • SMTP Port Number: 25

Please note that this product is opensource software from http://www.stunnel.org.

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